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The relaxing massage, known for its healing properties since ancient times, is the most popular type of massage. Velvet Massage makes it with a happy and professional attitude and will help you get revitalized, and relaxed.

Enjoy the best care and experience the absolute well-being. The relaxing Velvet Massage is ideal after a busy day at work or at the end of the week when you want to make the best gift to yourself, sensing the ultimate relaxation.

Call now to feel the ultimate relaxation experience in your home, office, hotel or boat.

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is considered the most appropriate type of massage to relieve stress and tension. Relaxing kneading provides multiple benefits to the human body as it offers relief and discharging. Relaxing massage helps to relieve muscle pains and get rid of the pressure and excess tension created by long-time work or demanding workouts.
It is ideal for all of you who want to experience the best care and attention and let yourself be completely relaxed. Relaxing massage relieves stress, stimulates the muscles, revitalizes, relaxes the body and creates wellness and mental uplift. You can now choose the perfect place to enjoy relaxing massage at home, at the office, in a hotel or on a boat.

Benefits of Relaxing Massage

Massage is an invaluable gift we make to our body and soul. Research has pointed out that the kneading process has important therapeutic properties. It is an ancient technique, and there are historical references dating back to 430 BC. This technique was widespread, and indeed it was an integral part of the everyday life of both ancient Greeks and Asian societies.

Kneading is a catalytic factor for our external appearance, since the skin and the subcutaneous tissue benefits from the exfoliation that’s been occurred through the massage, resulting in better breathing of the skin and being prepared to receive the nutrients from the various body care products, such as essential oils, etc.

Massage primarily optimizes the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the cells, thus achieving skin hydration, smooth appearance and soft texture. Increased local circulation turns slimming into an easy procedure, as it reduces local thickness and cellulite.

Massaging does not only contribute to physical health but also to mental health, as it reduces the stress of a demanding day, relaxes the body from the burdens of professional and family obligations and offers calm and clear mind. Many psychologists and psychiatrists recommend it as an addict for treating depression.

If you wish to make a gift to yourself, take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing Body Massage with Essential Oils and many more skin care products from our experienced Velvet Massage Therapists.

Enjoy an unforgettable journey until the end and relax from the city’s craziness.